Working Together Revitalizing Communities

Working Together Revitalizing Communities


Working Together Revitalizing Communities


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Our dream for a better future

At the National Institute for Environmental Sustainability Training (NIEST), we believe everyone should have the chance to prosper, and that prosperity can be achieved in an environmentally sustainable manner. We do this by giving people a hand up, while creating a cleaner future, through workforce training programs and job opportunities which help improve their world.


We envision urban and rural communities with green schools, greater access to hyper-food produce production, clean air, water and green job opportunities for those unemployed, under-employed and veterans. Neighborhoods will be seen as safe and well kept and energy efficient. The general concept is that all activity in the communities will promote enhanced quality of life in the present without jeopardizing the opportunities for future generations.


We promote existing and new construction of schools to be places where children learn the wonders of the world and teachers prepare the next generation of leaders and citizens. Green schools showcase a community’s commitment to its children and their future, who in turn learn from an early age the importance and benefits of acting as responsible stewards of their communities.

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Our dream for a better future


We promote urban and rural farming through the use of innovative green technologies. Communities will be able to supply themselves with healthy produce to eliminate the rising problem of food deserts in urban and rural areas. We advocate healthy eating to lower the consumption of salts, sugars, and fats which promote longevity and lowers health costs.


Research in this field has determined that urban and rural communities are significantly impacted from environmental hazards. They also face greater exposure to higher concentrations of airborne toxins, water pollution and the access to quality food is a growing concern. Obesity and diabetes have also reached a crisis stage along with the availability of clean and cost-effective energy. Over 80% of the more than 120,000 schools in the US are in urban and rural communities which represent a significant opportunity for environmental sustainability.


We promote business and new green job creation for unemployed, under-employed and veterans in the areas of clean energy and hyper-food produce production to support the influx of green infrastructure and the need for a more sustainable future for all.


We promote the use of innovative technological solutions, enabling the mass production of clean “green” energy without fossil fuels, precious metals, or toxic chemicals with zero emissions to the atmosphere.

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